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Spray/Fertilization Services

We at Acme Tree & Landscape Service, Inc. believe fertilizing is a very important aspect of plant care. Fertilization is necessary to supplement the natural occurring essential mineral elements in the soil to maintain an optimum supply for plant growth. Not only will we evaluate your trees and shrubs, but we also offer soil testing to help develop the most effective fertilizing program for your plants.


We fertilize plants by a liquid injection, six to nine inches into the soil, where it can be absorbed by the roots. The fertilizer we use is a dry water soluble micronutrient treatment of N-P-K. We can also include beneficial rhizosphere bacteria which will improve the soil and stimulate the ground. When needed, we can also add iron, magnesium, and sulfur to correct the PH level of the soil.


It's best to have your plants fertilized once a year in the fall, before the soil freezes, or in the spring.


The Emerald Ash Borer is a very devastating pest and can destroy your ash trees. If you have a high value ash tree in your landscape we can treat it.


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Kevin M. Griffin

ISA Certified Arborist #OH-0038A

     "My philosophy is to treat my customer's trees and shrubs like my own. When I talk to my customers about their trees, I suggest two ways to keep their trees healthy.

     First, water is essential to tree and shrub care. Too much water is just as harmful as too little water. Just by feeling the ground around the tree, especially during a dry spell, is a simple way to keep your tree healthy.

     Secondly, fertilizing your tree is essential to tree care. Just like vitamin supplements for people, fertilizing adds nutrients to the soil to keep your tree healthy. If your plants have a disease or insect problem, there is a treatment plan for that also.

     Proper tree care is an investment in your property and home, as well as curb appeal. Just imagine your house without your trees."


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