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In The News

Acme Tree Service Comes Through Again For The Association

     This past spring, Acme Tree Service sprayed the trees at our plantings at the intersection of I-74 and North Bend Road. Early this past November, Acme returned to feed all the trees at the site. Supplies and labor to accomplish these services were provided free of cost to the Association by Acme's co-owner, Kevin Griffin, at his own initiative. Beautification Chairperson, Robey Klare, explained that the sever conditions in which these trees are located would otherwise make it difficult for them to remain healthily. She feels Acme's continued support, year in and year out, allows the trees to survive in their harsh environment of traffic pollutants, wind and rocky soil. Acme is a business member of the Association and we extend out sincere thanks for the generosity of this civic-minded company.


Monfort Heights/White Oak Association - January 2012


Our Thanks Again to Acme Tree Service

     Acme Tree Service again fertilized and sprayed the I-74/North Bend Road interchange acreage that we maintain. All the chemicals and the time and the expertise required for the valuable service were contributed by Acme. We thank Don and Kevin Griffin, the second and third generation owners of Acme Tree Service, for their community service, and encourage members to patronize their fine local business.


Monfort Heights/White Oak Association - January 2010


Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

     ...To Acme Tree and Landscaping Service. Acme fertilized all of our trees and bushes at Colerain Avenue and I-275, and at Hamilton Avenue and I-275.


Colerain Community Association - March 2009


Acme Tree and Landscape Service does it again!

     If you've driven by the 1-74/North Bend Road interchange and noticed the many trees which the Association planted there over the last 12 years, please also think of Acme Tree and Landscape Service.

     For years, Acme has fertilized and sprayed the trees our Association planted, at no charge to the Association. This service is worth hundreds of dollars annually to our Association.

     The roadside location is a tough spot for trees to survive — hot and dry in the summer and cold and windy in the winter — and Acme's professional contributions of time, material and expertise have helped many of these trees to survive when they otherwise would not have made it.

     Our thanks to Don and Kevin Griffin, third generation owners of Acme Tree Service. We encourage members to patronize this fine local business.


Monfort Heights White Oak Community Association Newsletter - January 2008


Tree Docs

     All around Greater Cincinnati, stress takes its toll. Overwork to produce a good life, pressures from outside sources, physical injuries, vitamin deficiencies and diseases all cause stress, experts agree. But these experts are talking about trees.

     "Trees get stressed out, just like man," said Kevin Griffin, who with his father and two brothers own and operate Acme Tree Service in Green Township. They are all Ohio-certified arborists.

     "I don't know if you'd call us tree doctors," Griffin said. "Doctors have medical degrees and they can ask their clients how they feel, while trees don't tell you anything. "I have to go on what I see. Often, a tree is stressed by what has been going on in the area."

     Arborists frequently are consulted too late to save a tree. Many fatal tree problems start out like colds to people, Kevin Griffin said. "If you get a cold and treat it right, you are going to get better faster. If you continue to eat junk food and let the cold go untreated, you're apt to catch pneumonia," he said.

     "I'd like to see every homeowner take the time to go out in his yard every spring and survey the trees," said his father, Don Griffin. "The average person most often can tell when a tree doesn't look right. We are in the business of trying to save trees, but I'd say what we do is about 50% saving and 50% taking trees down.


The Cincinnati Enquirer - June 1990


Arbor Day Luncheon Set By Tree Council

    The Greater Cincinnati Tree Council will have their Arbor Day Civic luncheon Friday, April 30, in the community Room at noon.

     John L. Griffin is chairman of the organization which promotes the appreciation and preservation of shade trees. Mayor Walton H. Bachrach will present awards given by the Council for outstanding work in the tree poster contest, held in the school art classes, and in the tree saving campaign, where builders and architects have saved or planted trees around residences and business buildings.


Western Hills Press - 1965


Touch not a single bough

     The woodsman spared the tree.

     John, a retired AT&T engineering supervisor, has a 30-foot pine tree in his front yard.

     “Pine cones are a headache with the lawnmower – pine needles cover the walk and we drag them to the house,” he said. “I thought to save some work by having it cut down.”

      John phoned Acme Tree Service. Don Griffin, 40, whose family has run Acme 35 years, came to see this offending pine.

      “I’ll cut it if you want me to, but only if I cover the Acme sign on my truck,” Don told John. “Anybody would think I was nuts to cut down a tree that pretty.”

      “My wife wants it cut down,” said John.

      “Tell her it’ll cost $400,” suggested Don. “That’ll talk her out of it.”

      “Okay, you’ve talked me out of it, and yourself out of a job,” said John.

       Don Griffin wasn’t the least upset about losing the job, the bill for which would have been $50, not $400.

      “I do it all the time,” Don said. “If somebody wants a beautiful tree cut because it puts leaves in their yard, I tell them the neighbor’s leaves will blow into their yard. I hate to see a nice tree come out.”


The Cincinnati Enquirer - 1973


New Prexy of Tree Council

     John L. “Jack” Griffin has become the first private company executive to be elected president of the Greater Cincinnati Tree Council. He is the president of the Acme Tree Service founded in 1940, and operates his business with his son Donald “Don” Griffin.

     Objectives of the Council are to promote appreciation of the esthetic and economic values of shade trees and to encourage planting of new trees and preservation of existing shade trees.


Western Hills Press - 1955


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